Open your Digital TV Platform to any Companion Device

Today's viewers want to watch widescreen TV and use other devices at the same time. Thanks to a wealth of online info, they can find out more about what they're watching using their tablet device, while they let friends know what they're watching with their mobile phone through social networks.

The Cisco Videoscape Open API offers a powerful triangle of connectivity between TV content, apps and online information. It lets you deliver contextual or related online content to companion devices and smart TVs. Viewers can then use the right device for the right purpose; TV for HD images, and tablets or mobile devices for more information, "social TV" and video.

The Cisco Videoscape Open API can be used with any existing set-top box and headend or as part of the Videoscape Control Suite. It abstracts specific attributes from both the TV platform and Internet services to create a single, standard set of platform-independent APIs. Developers can then use the developer portal to create exciting contextual applications.

Social TV applications, for example, open up new ways to discover content through social recommendations and other applications.

Information and video such as news, sports results, soap opera gossip, documentary and movie reviews can also be integrated with your TV related apps.